Contraception & Sexual Health


There are many contraceptive methods available, including:

Oral Contraceptive Pill

There are a variety of Contraceptive Pills on the market. Taken daily, they contain synthetic hormones to prevent the release of eggs so pregnancy cannot begin.

Vaginal Ring

Similar to the Pill (in that it contains the same hormones and works the same way), a ring is inserted into the vagina and stays in place for 3 weeks, slowly releasing hormones into the bloodstream. After 3 weeks, the ring is removed and a new ring is inserted one week later.

Contraceptive Injection

This is an injectable form of contraception that prevents the production of eggs. Instead of taking the pill each day, you receive an injection every 12 weeks.

Contraceptive Implant Insertion & Removal

We can insert the Contraceptive Implant during your procedure. The Contraceptive Implant is a white plastic rod that is inserted under the skin of the inner, upper arm. It releases constant small amounts of progestogen into the body to prevent pregnancy.


Condoms come in all types of sizes, colours and taste.  They act as contraception as well as protection against Sexual Transmission Infections (STIs).  They are inexpensive, accessible, discreet and handy for immediate use.

There are two different types of condoms, one is made out of latex and the other is non-latex (polyurethane) for those who are allergic to latex.

They need to be used correctly for every active intercourse for them to be effective, otherwise, the failure rate is high.

For more information, please read more at the Family Planning NSW website.

STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)

For most healthy women, having the procedure is fairly straight forward. However in some instances, the need may arise to treat a Sexually Transmitted Infection.

Candidia (thrush), Chlamydia and bacterial vaginosis are the most common genital infections we come across. Here in the clinics we do genital swabs to confirm the type of infection and initiate the treatment on the same day as the procedure.


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