Your Appointment

What you need to know about your appointment

The following information is provided here to help make your potential stay as efficient, safe, and comfortable as possible. When making your booking for a medical abortion, our staff will remind you of the relevant information you will need prior to your appointment.

Things to Bring With You

  • Current Medicare card
  • Health Care card, pension card, if any
  • Blood Group report, if any
  • Ultrasound Report, if any
  • All of your current medications
  • A packet of adhesive sanitary pads (not panty liners)
  • A supportive adult to accompany you home

About Your Anaesthetic

Your anaesthetic options will be discussed with you prior to your operation and your anaesthetist will be with you throughout your entire operation to monitor your heart and oxygenation – as well as your anaesthesia.

It’s important that you have nothing to eat and drink from midnight the night before to your appointment.

Please do not wear jewellery, makeup or nail polish as this may interfere with your monitoring.

After your operation, you are likely to feel slightly tired for the rest of the day and it’s also possible to experience transient lightheadedness. For these reasons you must have a responsible adult accompany you home and, wherever possible, you avoid public transport.

If You Are Currently Taking Medication:

You should take all of your usual medications on the morning of your appointment EXCEPT oral hypoglycaemic agents if you have diabetes. If you are insulin or steroid dependent or have any concerns about a specific illness, please let the clinic know at the time of your booking.

At the Clinic

You’ll be given information outlining your operation and anaesthesia, your medical history will be reviewed, and you’ll be able to freely discuss your decision and concerns with your counsellor. This may be a time consuming process but it’s necessary to enable you to make an informed decision and to sign medical consent.

Your stay in the centre will last for approximately 3-5 hours from the time of your appointment until you’re ready to go home. Written post-operative instructions will be provided and you will be offered advice on future contraceptive choices. You will be given a script for antibiotics and for oral contraception should you require it.

Please note there are no facilities for children at the clinic.

Heading home after your procedure

If you have had a Medical Termination you can go home on your own.

Interpreting Services

If English is not your first language it is usually easiest for you bring a friend or relative to interpret for you. If this is not possible, please notify the clinic prior to your appointment so an interpreter can be arranged.

Abortion Fees and Charges

All the clinic’s doctors will bulk bill their fees for the abortion surgery (operation) and the anaesthesia. The clinic will however, charge you a nursing plus accomodation fee for your stay with us and this amount varies with your circumstances. Please discuss this with the staff at the time of your booking.

Further information can be obtained from 1300 405 585 or on the individual clinic pages for Brisbane or the Gold Coast. If you’re concerned about anything at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s important to remember you are never alone. We are here to offer you support, treatment and care, as well as service.

Brisbane 07 3831 8300
Gold Coast 07 5536 1626
Freecall 1300 405 585
After hours 1300 405 585

Your Appointment


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Clinic Opening Hours
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For enquiries and appointments please call between 8 am to 9 pm (7 days a week). Outside of these hours, please leave a voicemail message or complete our contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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