Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Unplanned pregnancies can happen to all sorts of women

The below information can help you consider your choices and decide whether terminating the pregnancy is the best option for you.

You don’t have to make this difficult decision alone. Advice and support is available to you from many organisations and groups. Be aware that some organisations that intend to help pregnant women can have very strong beliefs which you may not share.

You can speak with a professional counsellor to help guide your decision.

Are you really pregnant?

Find out whether you are pregnant for sure, before you begin worrying. A missed period is the most obvious sign, but it doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. Other symptoms include nausea and vomiting, sore breasts, needing to pass urine frequently and tiredness.

You should take a pregnancy test if your period is more than a week late and you think you might be pregnant.

The choice is then yours …

Ignoring an unwanted pregnancy won’t make it go away. Seek help as early as possible. There is no ideal solution to an unwanted pregnancy. You may not be happy with any of these options, but you need to choose the one that’s best for you at this time. Only you know what you want out of life and which options you should take.

It may be helpful to talk to a close friend, your parents, the partner in the pregnancy or a professional counsellor.

Abortion / Termination of pregnancy (TOP)

Termination is most commonly performed in the ‘first trimester’, between six and fourteen weeks of pregnancy. After this time the procedure does become more complex, more expensive, and can have a higher chance of complication.

Since pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period, it’s important to access medical assistance as soon as possible to ascertain your exact dates. Talk to your own doctor or, if you would feel more comfortable, contact us for a confidential consultation including an inexpensive, on the spot ultrasound.

More Information

You can find out more about what’s involved in a medical abortion procedure, and also how to prepare for your appointment. You may also be able to find an answer to a specific question within our FAQs.

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